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Location: Jalan Raya Nyuh Kuning

Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 9080584

Email: [email protected]

Coworking space available to members 24/7

Mon – Fri host hours: 8am–6pm

Sat – Sun host hours: 8am–5pm


Why Outpost?
“I’m so much more productive here.” It’s a phrase we hear daily from our members. We’re a destination to start new projects, collaborate and get stuff done.

You’ll have an amazing time here in Bali. The warmth of the people, the amazing food, the affordability. But with the great lifestyle options, many fall short of their goals. That’s where Outpost Productive Space comes in.

Who spends time at Outpost?
People who get stuff done! From architects and Amazon retailers to investors and zebra handlers (OK, we’ve not had a handler yet, but we’ve had animal trainers.)

Many members worked remotely before; others are just discovering the joy of location independence. The diversity of our members and their productive focus helps make a dynamic community.

How is Outpost unique?
We’re setting a new course: Idyllic, productive living. With pools, free massages, river walks, and thought-provoking events, Outpost is more than coworking--we’re a productive space.

How do we do create a productive environment?
“Good Morning, Lauren!” Our staff Adit says with a smile. It’s Lauren’s second day and already we greet her by name.

Adit will know your name too. Saying hello is the first step to set a collaborative welcoming vibe. And when you choose your seat, you’ll be sitting alongside some amazing people willing to offer that nugget of info to make your project that much richer.

OK, great staff but what else?
The variety of our amenities is unparalleled--individual and team offices, air-conditioned and open-air rooms; ergonomic chairs; standing, sitting and dedicated desks; podcasting equipment; three skype booths. And that’s just the beginning

We have different spaces for different needs: Need to collaborate, we have a floor for that. Need a quiet floor, we have that too.  Need to ponder your next move, walk along the banks of the Wos River. We are the biggest grounds of any coworking space in the country.

I got it, amazing amenities, but what about events?
We host events that engage: from stories of success and failure from amazing entrepreneurs like the head of Body Shop Indonesia to skill-sharing and author talks.

Do you have coliving options?
Yes! Outpost has two stunningly beautiful and tranquil 3-bedroom villas with a 20 meter pool. Each room has jungle views, oversized indoor/outdoor baths and AC.

With yoga space, a personal chef and cleaning—all an eight minute walk from Outpost—you can just focus on being productive.

We’ve had doctors, writers, investors and event planners stay with us. And that was just in one month.

How is the electricity and internet?
We have three fiber optic connections to ensure a reliable connection with a total of 100 mb of bandwidth. Hey, we’re not Estonia with blazing speeds but the island’s infrastructure has improved drastically over the past year.

Indonesia is a developing country with developing infrastructure. Outpost, with our connection to Bali Spirit Hotel, has a back-up generator to meet the needs of our members if the power to the town goes out.

Can I bring my team or a group?
Yes, please. We have offices. And space.

What’s next?
A café, more offices and more jungle view team spaces.

Outpost Bali

Jalan Raya Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia



Jalan Raya Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 9080584
Email: [email protected]

Coworking space available to members 24/7
Mon – Fri host hours: 8am–6pm
Sat – Sun host hours: 8am–5pm

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