coworking and individual offices

Imagine the coworking space Google would create if they opened in Bali. That's Outpost's goal. Need to unwind? Dip in one of our two pools or relax along the river. Thirsty? We'll deliver fresh coconuts to your desk. Tight shoulders? Let our on-staff masseur soothe you.

Our Services

Coworking Space

With over 500 square meters of indoor, garden and deck space for coworking, you'll find a comfortable spot. With breakout space, Skype rooms, fast internet and even standing desks, we're the perfect spot for the entrepreneur who calls Bali home or the occasional desk to those weary from working at home.


Outpost Villa is premier accommodation: secluded and luxurious--the ultimate place to be productive.  Don't want to share a kitchen? Check out all the accommodation options for an all-inclusive experience.  We’ll throw in unlimited yoga and transport too!

Shared Offices

Need individual offices for one, five, ten or even twenty. Our offices and group work space can fit your needs. And with meeting space on site for 20, and more just a stones throw away, our offerings can simplify the process of finding a workspace to start or grow your company.

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Come with burgeoning ideas, half-baked plans or just your standard contract work. We'll help make things happen. For those living abroad, we'll ease your move. Ask us about our housing and relocation assistance.


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
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Our Members

Our growing member base includes digital nomads, dreamers and the social media mavens. But we cater to those with traditional jobs who can live the dream, too. That’s you, HR consultant, art exporter, and development guru living in Sumba.

Member Rates

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  • Swimming pools, gardens and river access
  • Discount pricing for select area F&B, spa, yoga partners
  • Research & secretarial assistance
  • Free private Skype booth
  • Discounted rates for meeting rooms
  • Free printing
  • Secure mailing address
  • Free Locker

25 Hour

  • 3 Hours

70 Hour

  • 7 Hours
  • 10 Pages


  • 12 Hours
  • 40 Pages

3 Month Unlimited

$537equivalent to $179/month
  • 12 Hours
  • 40 Pages

Dedicated Desk

  • 12 Hours
  • 40 Pages

  • Daily Rate (8am-midnight): $15
  • Night Owl (5pm-8am): $115/month

Our Team



Ms. Social

Michelle keeps our community’s social calendar full and spreads our good word on social media.



The Builder

Takes the Outpost concept and brings it into reality. He keeps things on track. A project manager and an architect by training, but he does far more.



The Greeter




The Supporter

From conducting research to ensuring that a shuttle meets you at the airport, she does it all. And with an accounting and legal background, there’s not much she can’t do.



The Designer

Adith makes us look good.  He designs, creates and, well, he just does it. And if you have a question on architecture he knows that too.



The Silent Presence

The Dode knows the difference between BGP, RIP and OSPF. And while that may not be important to you; it’s critical for us. His sole job is to make sure our multiple lines of internet are humming.



The Observer

Adi works with The Dode in monitoring our network, to keep things smooth.



The Fixer

Aris does the little things. And there are loads of them. The most important man you don’t see.



The Relaxer

Our masseur comes to Outpost just when you need him most. His wondrous hands soothe and relax.


The Thinker

He finds money. He helps companies in developing countries find investors.  He’s pounded the pavement from Shanghai to Jakarta and advised a few NGOs in Eastern Europe and South Asia along the way.


The Doer

From the White House to Wall Street, the plains of northern Uganda to the arctic cold of Lithuania, David’s been there.  He ran NGOs, advised investor types and even wrote a book.


The Invisible Force

He does the critical little things that keep us running. He is the unseen force that keeps us looking good



The Protector

He keeps his eye out to make sure that Outpost is secure. If you’re a night owl, you’ll know him well.